5 Top Reasons To Avoid Sugar

In this modern era, we all have lots of stress and due to stress we do emotional eating and start eating too much sugary stuff so today in this article we will discuss how sugar can harm our body

Refined and processed sugar is bad for you straight away. However, there are certain exceptions where sugar naturally occurs in some foods and drinks. Consumption of too much sugar can lead to severe health issues. Today we are discussing 5 reasons to stop consuming sugar now and how you can make a difference by cutting down on sugar.


Why is it important for you to avoid sugar now?


These days’ manufacturers are putting sugar into everything. Now, whether it be into cereals, so-called healthy foods, or dairy products, sugar is an important ingredient in each food industry. 


If you still aren’t able to quit on sugar, then this list can help you out.


Ward off Health Diseases

Having excessive sugar can lead to severe harmful health diseases. And this happens when adults consume more sugar than the recommended amount.



Metabolic syndrome

Risk of high cholesterol

Dental Plaque

Several heart diseases

Chronic Inflammation

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Type-2 Diabetes

No Nutritional Value 

Sugar is nothing but just empty calories. You will tend to gain more weight because sugar is high in calories and that too without any nutritional value. This is especially extremely bad because sugar can cause nutrient deficits in your body.


The recommended amount of sugar is 150 calories for males and 100 calories for females. Try not to do more than this.


Tooth Decay

There is a thin layer of plaque over our teeth of bacteria that forms each time after eating. The bacteria tend 

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