How To Self Recover From Shin Splints Pain?

We all know about the benefits of jogging to our physical and mental health. There are several factors tries to induce laziness in our mind and body that result in stop jogging. Apart from all these f..

How To Self Recover From Shin Splints Pain?

From my personal experience I declare, it is difficult to stop jogging when you got addicted to the energy gained by jogging daily. It does not matter that how old you are? If you are the beginner of jogging this article helps you.

We all know about the benefits of jogging to our physical and mental health. Jogging during sun rise gives us the positive feel to our mind and body.

There are several factors tries to induce laziness in our mind and body that result in stop jogging. But it is quite easy to get rid of all those laziness and we do jog every day.

Apart from all these factors there is one physical injury that troubles us more than all. That is SHIN SPLINTS.

What is Shin splint?

This is the pain along the shin bone (tibia) — the large bone in the front of your lower leg.

Shin splints are common in runners, dancers and military recruits. Shin splints often occur in athletes who have recently changed their training routines. The increased activity overworks the muscles, tendons and bone tissue.

My personal sufferings.

I was doing jogging from my age of 15. After some years I felt a pain in my shin bones of both the legs. I was not aware about this condition. I continued with jogging. But in few months the pain got worsen.

 I feel a sharp pain in my lower leg while standing, walking, even while sitting in chair and all the times. I feel like I have no strength in my legs to stand and walk. I stopped Jogging for few weeks and started again. But the pain also returned immediately.

I was not willing to visit any hospitals. I don’t want to cure it by any medication.I need a self recovery. So I was searching for the physical activity that helps me to recover. As usual I made an internet search about this. But it was not helped me that much.

Finally no option for me other than consulting with a doctor. But the doctor did not suggest me any medicine, surgeries and treatments. That doctor gave me a simple exercise tips to get a recovery from shin splints.

 Tips To Self Recover From Shin Splints.

 1.Use best jogging shoes.

It is important to wear best shoes while jogging. If the shoes are not strong enough to absorb shocks the pain will be induced in your legs. Replace the shoes when it loses its sponginess in soul.

2.Anterior Compartment Stretch.

After reaching your start line of jogging do not start to run immediately. Before start of jogging do anterior compartment legs stretch for 30 seconds in each leg.

Bend both knees slightly. One foot remains squarely on the ground. Keeping your toe firmly on the ground, pull the stretching leg.

 3.Rotate Ankles.

Then second practice is to rotate your ankles. One foot remains squarely on the ground and rotate each ankle for 50 times in right and left direction. Do not rotate fast, rotate in optimum speed.

4.Skipping (Rope Exercise).

This is the master step in recovery from shin splints. Yes, a rope exercise that brings a lot of energy to your legs and neutralizes the shin pain. Do this skipping after doing anterior stretch and rotating ankles.

Do not completely bend your legs back ward while jumping. Maintain little back ward bend on knees to absorb shocks while jumping. Raise and land only on toes in this position. Do not let your heels to touch ground while skipping and also on jogging. Use only toes.

 It will take only 5 minutes to do 1000 skipping. This count will produce enough warm up to both body and strengthen our legs too. Now our body is ready for jogging.

I practiced only these steps before jogging. I got great recovery from shin splints pain in a week. Real self recovery of body was happened to me.

Now completely no shin pains in my legs and I feel strong legs.

Thanks for reading my article.



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